1. What is the Specialty of Wayanad?
Wayanad is a beautiful place famous for its vast amount of trekking and camping trails, caves, flora, and fauna. Magnificent sights of waterfalls and bird watching sights. It has been one of the favorite areas of tourists for so many years.

2. Where is Vythiri in Wayanad?
Vythiri is a small town that is a tourist location, and it is located in the Wayanad district of Kerala. It is famous for beautiful forests and spice plantations. This is one of the best picnic spots in the whole state.

3. Where is Wayanad wildlife sanctuary located?
The Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is located in Wayanad, Kerala, India. You should know that a vast number of large wild animals like elephants, deer, tigers, and Indian bison are found in this wildlife sanctuary.

4. Where are special Wayanad items available?
You can easily find spices, coffee, tea, bamboo articles, honey, native craft are easily found in the markets of Wayanad. The handloom and handicraft products like garments, textiles, and furniture of Wayanad markets are unique.

5. Why is Wayanad famous?
The area of Wayanad is famous for the colossal camping trails and trekking, impressive waterfalls, deep caves, greenery, forest, and breathtaking sights.

6. Which month is better to visit Wayanad?
Wayanad is a great place and all months are good to visit this place. But months from October to May are best for visiting Wayanad. Many tourists love to visit Wayanad between December to February as it is much more relaxed at that time.

7. What should I wear in Wayanad?
You can wear trousers, shirts, loose kurtas in Wayanad. The clothes which have full sleeves and dries quickly are the best choice.

8. What should I buy in Wayanad?
In Wayanad, you can shop for bamboo articles, honey, herbal plants, handicraft products, handloom products, coffee, tea, spices, and native art items.

9. What is the climate in Wayanad?
The temperature in Wayanad in the winter season is between 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. In winter, the climate of Wayanad is crisp and chilly.

10. Does Wayanad has snow?
In December, Wayanad is very chilly, but this region doesn't experience snow in the winters.

11. Which airport is near Wayanad?
Kozhikode, which is also known as karipur airport, is the nearest airport to Wayanad. This airport is located 98 km away from the Wayanad.

12. How can I reach Wayanad from Bangalore?
The route for Wayanad from Bangalore will be Bangalore- Mysore- Nanjangud- Gundlupet- Mathunga check post- Wayanad. Apart from this route, you can also try Bangalore- Mysore- heggadadevanakote (HD Kote) – D B Kuppe- manathavady.

13. How far is Wayanad Calicut?
The road distance between Wayanad and Calicut is about 100 km. The NH212 is the highway that connects Wayanad with Calicut.

14. Which is the best area to stay in, Wayanad?
Vythiri is the best area where you should stay in Wayanad. You can easily hire a cab or rickshaw the watching the amazing sights in and around the area.

15. How to reach Wayanad by flight, train, and road?
• By flight- Calicut international airport is located at a 65 km distance from Wayanad. You can avail of direct or stopover flights till Calicut, and then you can take local taxis for Wayanad.
• By train- there is no direct train to Wayanad. But you can take a train to Kozhikode, which is the nearest railway station from Wayanad.
• By road- the massive network of roads gives the visitor access to Wayanad from various parts of Kerala and Karnataka.

16. Which is the best time to visit Wayanad?
The weather at the time between December to February is very cooler than the other months and the temperature at this time is down for up to 10 degrees Celsius. Many people prefer to visit Wayanad in these months to enjoy the cold weather.

17. Which is the nearest railway station for Wayanad?
Kozhikode is the nearest railway station for Wayanad. There are a lot of trains that connect Kozhikode on a daily basis.

18. Which food is famous in Wayanad?
Fish moilee, appam, and chicken stew, payasam, Malabar biryani, and Chattipathiri are some famous foods in Wayanad.

19. How many days are enough for the Wayanad trip?
The main tourist attractions of Wayanad need trekking and walking. This means that 4 to 5 days are enough for covering all these beautiful attractions.

20. What is Wayanad special?
Wayanad is a unique tourist place which is situated on the mountainous plateau. The capped mountains, the beautiful green meadows of valleys, waterfalls, blue water lakes, and the wild forests are some of the beautiful nature of Wayanad.