Honeymoon Destination in Wayanad

Honeymoon Couple

Morickap Resort at Vythiri, Wayanad is beautifully designed for celebrating in style. It is perfect for a relaxing honeymoon holiday. Bathe in luxury with your own private hot tub or enjoy the romantic views from the wide balcony or elope for long trips to the hillsides for enjoying the spectacular views in complete isolation and privacy.

The right destination

In the Indian context a wedding is not just a coming together of two individuals in love but a confluence of two families. It is loud, chaotic and ultimately exhausting. An endless number of relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and well-wishers have to be met, attended to and entertained. It is a long drawn process. No wonder at the end of it, the bride and groom are exhausted both mentally and physically and would solely wish for some quiet and peace. Morickap Resort offers them all that they desire.

Destination of Romance

Morickap Resort offers one of the most romantic setting where the couple can spend time knowing and finding each other. They are pampered, given all the amenities they desire and left to their own peace and quiet without overbearing attentiveness. The hill resort set in Swiss Chalet style is a perfectly romantic setting with cool weather, quiet and peaceful luxury, every attention to detail without being obtrusive.

Vythiri has a lot to offer

The resort has a host of activities and a wonderful swimming pool. Each room is well-appointed and offers scenic views. The climate is cool throughout and the ever-changing vistas keeps one glued to the scenic views watching nature present its beauteous best at every passing moment of the day. From sunrise to sunset, the views keep changing.

Spicy and heady

There is an invigorating air about Vythiri with its tea and coffee plantations, the wildflowers’ scents from the evergreen forests and the spice plantations. You are in a word of imagination in a royal setting of a wild wild forest. It is the destination honeymoon holiday you desired and dreamt of. And much more so in real life.

Your planning comes into play

You can easily book the resort well in advance to your wedding. We will have the room ready for you decked in flowers and with special decorations. We will welcome you with traditional pomp worthy of newly-weds when they enter their traditional homes. It would be the joy and honor of the staff to pamper you and shower you with blessings.