The Hill Resort Experience

If you wish to experience the beauty of nature in a true rainforest setting at Wayanad, in scenic Kerala, you should check out the Morickap Resort at Vythiri. You will find everything you expected. Raw, untamed wildlife roaming free and unhindered. Majestic mountains to hike through the country paths that lead deep into the virgin forests giving you a feel of primeval times.

Sanctuary of Calm

What is exceptional about Morickap Resort at Vythiri is the peace and calm you experience. The beauty of the occasional rain lashing out on the greenery is a sight to behold, feel, and experience. In the evenings, when the mist envelopes you and the resort in a cool embrace, it is a joyful and emotional experience.

Cool things to do

Morickap Resort never lets you feel bored for even a moment. The resort presents lots of activities that keep you alive with expectations of what comes next. You can play games, join the multi-activity center, go hiking, take mountain view trips, visit tourist spots around Vythiri, and of course, take a dip in the majestic pool.

High up the mountain

Set 3,500 ft above sea level, Morickap Resort is designed to pamper you. The 5-star luxury, multi-flavor gourmet dining, and its 34 well-appointed luxurious rooms are worthy of being experienced every time you and your family have a holiday planned.

Vythiri has much to offer

A vacation means quality time spent with your family and friends. It can be a honeymoon trip or a corporate mini-meet. It can be a creative or brainstorming session. Morickarp Resort presents a relaxed setting far from the stresses of daily routines.

We take care of it all

Do you wish to come on your holiday with your family or gift a holiday for someone you love or admire? We take care of everything including pick-up from the airport or station, offering you a wide range of stay options, creating a specialized menu for your preference, and creating an itinerary for your tourist visits and outings.

Stay all you want

Since Morickap Resort follows all the Covid-19 protocols set by the Tourism Department and the Govt. of India, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. You are now in a dreamy world where you can just relax and let no worries reach you. You can stay with us over a weekend or all through the week or even a couple of weeks – with so much to do and places to visit around you, you will never get bored or have enough.